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Garage Door Installation Process

Pre-Installation Expectations:

  • You will be contacted within 2 business days by a local authorized dealer for scheduling a job site inspection. This will be performed prior to garage door being manufactured.
  • Only an authorized dealer can schedule an appointment date and time.
  • Dangerous weather conditions may cause the installation to be rescheduled.
  • No work to be done on weekends or holidays unless otherwise agreed upon by installer and customer.
  • The authorized technician will inspect the job site to ensure the product that is ordered meets your current application. Additional charges may apply.
  • The authorized technician may decline the job if, in their professional opinion, it is unsafe, in violation of state or local codes or cannot be performed to industry standards.

Job site Requirements:

  • For garage door opener installation, there must be an approved, grounded, 110v electrical outlet within 3' of the openers.
  • If no outlet is in place for the garage door opener, but power is available through an extension cord, the installer will use it to test and adjust the opener but will not leave the extension cord in place.
  • If power is not available, the installer may have to make an extra trip to test and adjust the opener. Additional charges may apply.
  • The customer must clear the garage for of all debris 12' back of the width of the opening to allow ample work space for the technician and related labor. If area is not clear, the work may have to be rescheduled and additional charges may apply.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the garage work area before work can begin.
  • All breakables and/or valuable objects must be removed from the work area prior to the installation.
  • Children and pets must be kept away from the work area.
  • An adult, over 18 years of age with authority to make decisions about your installation, must be present during the complete inspection and installation.
  • Garage doors and openers will only be installed in residential buildings.

Additional Information:

  • It may be noisy during your installation.
  • Cancelling appointments with the authorized dealer or missing scheduled appointments may lead to additional charges.
  • Refer to product manual for specific manufacturer warranty and maintenance information.
  • If unforeseen labor is needed to repair damage from water, termites, electrical or plumbing problems, a contractor must be hired by customer to make the repairs.
  • The customer will be requested to sign the job completion certificate after inspection by the customer.